The social security number is the most important number that will be given to you. This is where your lifetime income is going to be recorded. In addition to this, it is also needed in order to be employed legally in the US. It is only given to US citizens and to people who can work legally in the US temporarily.

The social security number is located in your social security card. You will be able to make use of this social security card in different scenarios especially when opening a bank account, getting a job, and when you are applying for a credit card.

How to change name on social security card?

Now, there are instances when you will need to change name on social security card. Changing your name shouldn’t have to be a very complicated scenario. In fact, it takes a few steps. First, you want to make sure that you know the documents that you will need.

Next, you will have to visit the office. Once you provide all the documents needed and the address where the social security ID is going to be mailed, you will just have to wait for ten days.

Do you have to pay for the new social security card?

In reality, it may be free. You are allowed to have a free replacement for your social security card for up to three times every year and up to ten times for your entire lifetime. Now, if you haven’t replaced your social security card for a couple of times, you could be having it for free.

Court orders and naturalization papers

Changing your name is quite different than just getting a replacement social security card. You will have to show the court documents that you have changed your name legally. It can be your marriage certificate or it can be your divorce papers. It is also possible that you’ve been naturalized in the US.

Though you already have a different name in your social security card, you will have to make sure that you are still going to be careful how you dispose of your old social security card and how you are going to keep the new one. You will have to destroy the old social security card. This way, you lessen the chances that someone is going to use your social security number. In addition to this, you want to keep the social security card in a safe place. Only use it when it is really necessary.

For instance, you don’t want to use the social security card when someone asks for your ID. You also don’t want to bring the social security card anywhere on a daily basis since it increases the chances of getting lost.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that you treat the social security card as a very important document. Also, be careful when it comes to filling up documents that include your social security number. Keep in mind that you don’t want anyone to be using your SSN. Dealing with identity theft can become tricky.