If you are a US citizen, your social security card is probably the most important piece of document that you should protect at all times. Your social security card is even considered by many as the unofficial US national ID. It can be used in order to open a bank account, it can also be used for having a credit card, and of course, it can be used in order to take a loan.

In reality, identity theft may occur not only during your activities online. There are instances wherein identity theft occurs during your regular day to day activities. It could be from the documents that you have to fill out or the social security card that you lost together with your wallet.

Getting a replacement and changing your name

Now, another issue that a lot of individuals have to deal with is how to get a replacement. In fact, getting a replacement card is easy. You will simply need to have two documents with you and bring it to the local social security office. You will then be able to receive the card replacement in 7 to 10 days.

Also, the process is quite similar for those who are asking how to change name on social security card. If you had a divorce, got married, or you were naturalized, it is possible for you to change your name on your social security card. Simply bring all the necessary documents and court orders. This way, the proper changes can be made.

Taking care of your social security card

Regardless if you had a replacement or you requested a name change, it is important that you know how to take care of your social security card. Make sure that you are going to keep it in a safe place. Also, never bring the social security card all the time. Bringing the social security card with you every time increases the chances of it getting lost.

If you are going to show an identification card, it is better to stick to your driver’s license. Also, if you are going to have a job, be sure that you are wary of job opportunities that require you to show your social security card from the start. It is typical that the social security card will be needed during the latter stages of the application process.

What could happen during identity theft?

Identity theft might be a bit difficult to deal with. In fact, there is always that chance that you are going to be bothered by the IRS. There is always that chance that someone is going to use your social security number in order to get a job. In addition to this, they could even get the details of your bank account. If you notice any spending that you are not aware of, it is best if you report it to the authorities. In addition to this, it is also imperative that you check your credit rating every now and then. If you’ve been denied of a loan that you are supposed to get, then maybe someone is already using your social security number.