Your social security card is important mainly because it contains your social security number. Now, if you lost your social security card, how to get a new social security card isn’t really something hard to do. First, you have to go online and prepare all the documents that are necessary. This way, you will be able to prepare the documents that the agency will need in order to replace the social security card that was lost.

What are the needed documents?

You will simply need to prove that you are either a US citizen or you are allowed to work temporarily in the US. A passport and a birth certificate are just some of the documents that you can bring. In addition to this, you will need to provide them with an address where to mail the replacement card.

It is usually free. In fact, you are allowed to lose your social security card up to three times in one year. They are also allowing you to have a free replacement for up to ten times in your lifetime.

You will just have to wait for a week in order to get a replacement for the card. However, for the mean time, you must make sure that you report the card to be lost.

Why report it to be lost?

Now, why should you report it as lost? This way, the authorities are alerted in case someone begins to use your social security number. This is more common than most people think. In fact, 5% of the adults in the US have been victims of identity theft one way or the other.

Over the years, a lot of cases have been recorded of immigrants using other people’s social security number. This helps them open a bank account and even get a job in the US. Unfortunately, if your social security number is being used by another individual, there could be a problem.

The common problem that you might encounter is to see charges in your bank account. Once you see this following your social security card being lost, this could mean that someone is already using your bank account. When it comes to this problem, you have no other choice but to hope that the authorities are going to catch the person using your social security number.

If it has affected you in so many ways, you can still go for the last resort option. The last resort option is to ask the social security agency if they can provide you with a new SSN. Is it always a sure solution? Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. There are pros and there are cons whenever you are going to ask for a new one. This is the reason why it is really not suggested for everyone. If you have a new social security number, this means that you will have to restart all over again.

If you are planning to get a loan, this will take a number of years before you could get approved simply because you have to build your credit rating all over again.