Every great once in awhile, I suspect annually, I get a report from the social security administration that gives me a history of my earnings and it where I am at on my way to drawing social security. Social security is such a big help to so many people. I am a long way from drawing social security myself. Many people wonder if it will even be around later on.

It’s not like social security has always been there or is some permanent fixture. It can feel like that because it has been around for many decades. Social security was part of the New Deal thanks to then president Franklin Roosevelt. This happened in 1935, and social security has been sustained ever since. I hope it doesn’t go away. So many people need it, and I myself might need it one day. I hope that I don’t and that my retirement is financially secure.

Social Security A Government Program

I do save for retirement, but I’m not naive enough to say I have it covered before that actually takes place. I’m not there yet. Plus, I would be entitled to the social security payments anyway, and I could then use them to help others directly. I really think social security is a good way to spend the government’s money. It helps us take care of the aging population.

I wonder how much my social security payments will be by the time I stop working. Did you know that you can draw more if you wait longer to retire? That’s right, so if you can work longer, you might want to do that because you will end up getting more money each month. Does that sound like a plan to you?

It does sound good to me because I work for myself as a writer. I am hoping that I will be writing until I can’t anymore, not specifically stopping at a certain age. That should help, but I am no different from anyone else. I might need and will appreciate my social security benefits, and I am so glad that everyone else is able to get theirs, too. Social security is a government program that I hope doesn’t go away anytime soon. While we will never be totally reliant upon social security completely, it is important to understand that many people do end up in that situation in old age. It is important that those benefits be in place. for further queries visit www.application-filing-service.com/.