Your social security card is a very important bit of information to have on hand, especially when you are registering for college classes, applying to get your driver’s license, or you are looking to get a job. While simply knowing just the number may suffice in certain circumstances, there are a number of situations when places may ask to see your original card as a way to make sure that the number is completely legitimate.

Download the Application from Social Security Website

So, what do you do when you lose your social security card? When you lose your social security card, you can always download the application from the website and bring it in after filling it out at your local social security card office. In addition to the application, you are going to need to bring along at lease one original document that is identifying, such as a passport, driver’s license, or even a marriage or divorce decree.

The great news is that if you go into your local office for social security in person, you could end up having a new social security card in hand in as little as five to ten minutes for the request to be processed. However, the new card is going to be mailed to your address on record in approximately two weeks.

Having a New Social Security Card

In the event that you are not able to wait to get the replacement social security card, the people at the office will be able to provide you with a printout on their official letterhead that will verify your social security number and all of the pertinent identifying information for acceptance.

Once you receive your new social security card, you will see that keeping it in a safe spot where you can always find it will help you to avoid the ordeal of having to get a replacement in the future. For more details visit