When you don’t have a Social Security card or need a new one because you got married or divorced, you can get one for free. There is no cost for a Social Security and it is easy to get one as long as you can prove your identity. Having a Social Security card is important and you need to have your Social Security number to get loans and o take care of other financial matters.

Your Social Security number is valuable and it is attractive to thieves, so you want to make sure that you protect your card and your number so no one can get to it. If someone steals your Social Security number they can use it to take out loans in your name. The creditors are going to go after you for repayment so you don’t want to let your Social Security card get out of your hands.

Need Of New Card

It can be a big legal hassle to straighten out identity theft and your credit score is going to ruined while you are trying to sort out the situation. If you need a new card you can apply for one online or you can go to your local Social Security office and apply for one in person.

Try to visit the office during the times that are not so crowded because the lines can get huge and you could have to wait for a very long time to get your card. It is more convenient to just get your card online so you don’t have to wait at the Social Security security office for your card.

Protect Your Card

No one wants to spend a ton of time waiting in line and it is much more efficient to get your card online because you can apply for it whenever you want and you won’t have to waste time in line. Your Social Security card is something you never want to lose because it is just too dangerous to lose it. You don’t want the thieves getting it and stealing your identity.

Identity theft is common and it is hard to stop so do what you need to do to protect your card. You are going to need documents for replacement social security card that prove who you are when you get your card and if you don’t have them, there is going to be a delay getting your card. You won’t have to pay any money and the card should arrive in the mail in a few weeks.

Keep your new card in a drawer or safe and don’t keep it in your wallet because there is no need to do this and the card is so small and made of flimsy paper that it is easy to destroy. As long as you memorize your Social Security number you won’t have much need to take out the card and use it. When you need a new Social Security card make sure that you apply for it online so you can save time.