Do you currently sell CBD oil from your store? This is a very popular product. If you have had trouble finding someone to allow you to use a payment processor, you are not alone. This is one of those products that is questionable because of the federal mandates associated with cannabis products. However, it does not contain THC, yet still it is hard to find companies that will work with you as the payment processor. To find high risk merchant accounts that are willing to allow people that sell CBD oil, these tips will help you locate one of the better companies in your area that offers this type of service .

How To Evaluate Each Company That You Find

Examples of high risk companies are those that will work with those that provide credit repair, collection agencies, and telemarketing services. If you sell adult items, travel items, or if you are in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s very difficult to find someone that will allow you to take payments. In regard to pharmaceutical products, CBD oil tends to fall in this category, even though it is not made with chemicals. However, it is still a supplement that you take, and because of this, it’s going to be difficult to find a company that will work with you. Therefore, when evaluating these companies, look at the approval rates that they advertise on their website. They should also provide no application fee, and should never charge a set up fee. They may also advertise that they offer a 24 hour approval rate. On top of that, they may also offer chargeback prevention programs. How you will be Shopify CBD Transactions – Is This Possible?

What If You Have Bad Credit?

This is another aspect of these companies that can make it difficult for you to get their help. For example, if you have bad credit, they may not even consider your application. Companies that will work with you will specifically state they work with bad credit merchants. If they claim to offer a 95% approval rate, even with a low credit score, these are the ones you will want to work with if this is your situation. Your evaluation will lead to choosing one of these businesses that will give you the opportunity to sell CBD oil from your website or place of business.

If CBD oil is one of your primary products, or your only product, it will be difficult to find a payment processor. Once you find one, they are going to help you generate a lot of sales by allowing you to take payments from your store and website. By evaluating them in the way that was stated above, the company that you end up with will be your best choice. Also consider how long they have been in business, and if you can find any type of feedback on the web that will indicate that you are working with the best high risk merchant account provider that will not mind that you are selling CBD oil. Click on .