Have you recently made a purchase on your credit card and are now asking yourself, can you stop a transaction on a credit card? Many consumers in America often have buyers remorse and want to stop a transaction on their credit card. The problem is that most people do not know how to stop a transaction from occurring. Fortunately, there are four steps that you can try to stop a pending transaction. Let’s go over the simple steps that you can take to prevent a transaction from occurring on your credit card.

Pending Charges

If you look at your credit card statement and noticed there is a pending charge may be able to prevent it from becoming a transaction. The way to stop a pending charge from going through is contacting the merchant to stop it. The reason you will see a pending charge on your credit card is because the merchant has placed a hold on your account for that amount of the purchase. The pending charge will usually go through within 2 to 3 days after your purchase, which will result in a completed transaction. The merchant is able to stop this transaction though. Know Shopify CBD Transactions – Is This Possible?

Contact the Merchant

If you plan on stopping a transaction from occurring be sure to contact the merchant you bought your goods from it immediately. You want to do this as quickly as possible especially if you are getting charged twice for something or you recognize a charge that you didn’t authorize. If you do not recognize the merchant, be sure to call your bank so they can help you stop at transaction. As with anything, be sure to always keep your receipts. Know How To Find High Risk Merchant Accounts For CBD Oil

Have Your Receipt Ready

When you call the merchant, be sure to have your receipt ready. Most merchants will need to look up information from your receipt, so it is crucial that you have it available. If you have a habit of throwing away your receipts or losing them, be sure to start taking pictures of your receipts with your smart phone. Saving your receipts on your smart phone is a great way to save your receipts, because most phones add your pictures to the cloud. Since your receipts will be on the cloud you will not lose them.

Explain Your Situation

You need to explain your situation to the representative. There may be multiple divisions that handles refunds are payment issues. If you can convince the merchant that and error was made they will not allow the payment to go through.

Contact Your Bank

If you notice that the transaction completes be sure to call the bank from where the credit card was given. If you weren’t able to get a pending charge removed by the merchant, you will be able to make a dispute with your credit card company.

These are the ways that you can remove a pending transaction from your credit card. Be sure to call the merchant, have your receipt ready, explain your situation, and call your credit card company if you cannot get the issue resolved. Hopefully, you will be able to prevent a pending transaction from going through. Visit us at https://thesoutherninstitute.com/cbd-oil-credit-card-processing/