A social security number is very important in the US. It is a necessity if you are going to have a job. It is also a necessity if you are going to get a loan and even open a bank account. Over the years, a lot of people have illegally acquired their social security number. They either made use of a dead person’s social security number or even stole someone else’s. This just goes to show how important having a social security number is in the US.

A social security number is only given to people who are allowed to temporarily work in the US and to those US citizens. It is a unique nine digit number where your entire income is going to be recorded. It is also going to be used by the IRS in order to evaluate if you are paying the right amount of tax.

Getting social security card for your child is a must. What exactly are the perks that you can get when you do this? You can open a bank account for your child which is something that can come in handy as you prepare him or her for the future. It is also important since it helps him or her have a ready social security number and just have it with him when he or she reaches legal age.

There are instances when you will need to have a replacement social security card for child. For a child, it isn’t just about bringing all the documents. You will have to bring documents in order to prove the identity of the child. And also, you will have to show documents to prove your custody.

Keeping the social security number safe

The guardian/parent is the one who is responsible for keeping the social security card of the child safe. It is important to not give it to anyone. You will only be using the social security card when you open a bank account for your child. However, what if you lost the card?

When you lose the social security card, it is always important to watch out for red flags. It is easy to find out if someone is already using the social security number. If there’s an income reflected the child’s social security number, then there is already someone using the social security number.

There are advantages if your child’s social security number has been stolen. One, you can easily request for a new social security number because this will not affect the child in any way. Next, there is a chance that the social security agency is going to allow the child to have a new number.

If you are going to have a social security card for the child, it is always the responsibility of the mother or the father to take care of the document. Make sure that no one is going to gain access to it considering the demand for social security numbers. Also, if you are going to have a replacement, be sure that you also monitor if there is identity theft that is happening.