Everything You Need To Know About Getting A New Social Security Card

If you are in need of a new social security card, you are probably feeling anxiety related to having to deal with a government entity. Of course, it is never adventurous to have to conduct business with the Social Security Administration or any other government entity for that matter. This process genuinely does not have to be that apprehended in any way. As a matter of fact, if you are educated on the application process, you will find the task a little more enjoyable.



If you are a new citizen or were born in the United States, you will need a social security number, before you can obtain employment. This 9 digit number will become part of your personal record and will be utilized for receiving social security benefits, filing tax documents, getting government amenities, and receiving employment benefits. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because this ID number will be required in order to get a legal driver’s license.

Proving Your Age 

Getting a new social security card will definitely alter your life for the better, but the government will expect you to jump through some hoops first. You will need to provide the Social Security Administration with two documents that will prove your actual age. No photocopies or notarized documents will be accepted, so do not think that you can send the SSA a copy of your birth certificate and they will immediately accept it.

Prove Of Identity 

The SSA requires all of their representatives to ensure the applicants identity, before approving the application. The first thing that the representative will look for is certified documents that have not been copied or altered. If you are an American citizen, you will need to provide the SSA with two documents that are certified and will proof your identity.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to provide the SSA office with a valid reason of why you need a social security number. If you are trying to get some type of government amenity, you will need this ID number. This is the only way that the state and federal entities can valid your identity and track your benefits.

Local Offices 

If you are concerned about losing your documents, you should schedule an appointment at your local SSA office. Be sure to take all of your certified documents with you, because appointments are scarce and it may take several weeks, before the appointment date.

Application Process 

The application is very self-explanatory, but it is crucial to complete all of the steps appropriately. Every question must be answered and if it does not apply to you, then you can simply write “not applicable” into the provided space. Even your birth date and month must be filled in appropriately, with the year including all 4 digits.


It may take up to 7-14 days, before you receive your new social security card. This is why it is important to take the time to complete the application and read all of the requirements, before you actually submit your application.