Losing your Social Security Card can be upsetting don’t stress! Replacing your Social Security Card does not need to be expensive or time consuming. You only have to know how and where to file

You have several choices when filing for your replacement. You can research the information yourself online with the IRS. You can also self file your SS-4 Form application by postal mail. You can also have your SS-4 Form processed online to confirm its done properly and save some time.

Many people choose to apply for their replacement Social Security Cards online.


All U.S. residents need a social security card and the procedure of getting that card varies so when one is applying for the card they ought to choose a site that’s simple for them. Largely they should all be original copies certified by the agency that issued them to the particular owners and need the following for the application of a social security card;

· Citizenship – They can only accept certain records as evidence of U.S. citizenship and they contain both the U.S. birth certificate and the U.S. passport.

· Age – This mostly includes the birth certificate but if one does not have that they are able to submit the U.S. hospital record of birth or the U.S. passport.

· Identity – The only adequate documents that show proof of identity are U.S. driver’s license, U.S. passport which shouldn’t have expired.

So, for one to achieve the social security card she or he will want two primary files that serve the purpose for all and that is U.S passport and U.S birth certificate. Social security cards are extremely important if one needs to get a job with that one gets to collect social security benefits and also get to receive additional government services as.


One may also start a bank account, change name on account of divorce and marriage or change of immigration status. The social security card isn’t something one gets to carry with them everywhere like the U.S ID you should actually keep it safe with the other important papers so as to avoid losing or misplacing it.

Replacing your Social Security Card

The social security administration has allowed one to receive three free replacements in ten or a year in a very long time. Altering the legal name and other exceptions does not fall in the ten years constraint.
The problem however of one that is losing ’s social security card is that one cannot change their number that’s the essential tool of an identity thief. Therefore, contact the identity protection service so as to ensure nobody uses your account for any personal reason or one is advised to closely track their accounts.

In regards to lost and replacement of social security cards you need to supply documentation that proves one is an U.S. citizen and prove their identity. The documents should be originals or copies certified by the bureau that issued them.

Originals are just allowed by them as the social security office doesn’t take any receipts showing you applied for that record or authenticated copies of records, photocopies.
As I mentioned before social security may use one file for two goals like your U.S. passport so make sure when you’re applying for a replacement you make two copies as they may use it for both citizenship and identity. As proof of citizenship and identity is crucial if one does not have the required records prior to applying for a replacement should make certain they get them.

After printing it one will therefore have to drop it at the nearest local social security office or if you have their physical address and filling it out you can mail it to them.

Most of the application form can be downloaded or found online and they also have contact details if one has issues about the replacement of their social security cards.
One can use my social security account to apply for a replacement of the card online as it pertains to replacement of social security cards and lost. So just create an account so that you can be ready when your card gets lost and you need to replace it.

For those that cannot apply online will need to show the files that are essential subsequently complete the form and again print it out and still send it to the local social security office that is right.