If you plan on working in the US, it is a must that you have your social security number. Having your social security number allows you to open a bank account and even apply for a job. For an employer, an SSN is important in order to not have trouble with the IRS. The SSN is a unique nine digit number given to people who can work legally in the US and for its citizens.

The SSN contains a record of your lifetime income. This also allows the IRS in order to track those individuals that are not paying their taxes.

The social security number is contained in your social security card. In fact, because of the importance of your social security number, a lot of individuals consider the social security card as the unofficial national ID in the US.

Replacement of social security card

A lot of people are asking questions online regarding the best steps that you will need to do in order to replace the social security card when you lost it. Losing your social security card can be a big problem. One, you increased the risk of identity theft. According to authorities, there’s a huge number of people suffering from identity theft. 5% of the US adult population are victims of identity theft according to their rough estimate. And unfortunately, a lot of them really don’t know that someone is already using their details.

However, if you lost your social security card, you will have no other choice but to get a new one. Getting a new one is quite straight forward. You simply need to prove that you are a US citizen and the rest is going to be easy. You can then receive the social security card replacement after a week or so. You can check the necessary documents online in order to find the documents that you are supposed to bring.

What if someone used your social security number?

The biggest problem, however, is if someone used your social security number. If someone used your social security number, there is a chance that your credit rating is going to be affected. One of the things that you will notice is that there is a drastic change in your credit report. You will also notice in your bank account unexplained charges.

If you ever see these things, make sure to report it to authorities immediately. Next, you also want to make sure that you record the incidences. This can help argue your case to the IRS if ever they start questioning the taxes that you don’t pay.

You can also have your new social security number. However, this is always the last resort. Not everyone is going to have the opportunity to have their new social security number because you also end up starting everything from scratch. You will have to work for your credit rating again. This is the reason why it is still at the discretion of the agency if they can provide you with a new one.