Your social security card is a crucial document that you will always need to keep. The social security card contains the social security number that is only given to someone who is either a US citizen or someone who can work legally in the US. The main purpose of the nine-digit number issued by the US government is to primarily track all your income. It is also used by the government in order to look into your social security disability income if you ever need to retire. The government looks into your contribution and check for your eligibility.

Another use of the social security number is to track if you are actually paying the right amount of tax or not. There are times wherein you will get notified by the IRS that you should be paying the right amount of tax because your income is not matched with the amount of tax that you actually are paying.

So why should you keep your social security card somewhere safe? It has been a trend over the years that a lot of people are using other people’s social security number. This is typically sold to undocumented migrants looking for work.

What you have to do is to not keep the social security card in your pocket at all times. Instead, you will only bring it if you are going to have a new job or when you are going to open a bank account.

What exactly can go wrong when you lose your social security card?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you lose your social security card. One, there is a chance that you become part of the statistic of Americans who suffered from identity theft. There is always that risk that someone is going to use your social security number.

In fact, social security card online replacement is the easy part. You really don’t have to worry since you are given free replacement for up to three times each year. You are given a total number of ten replacements in your lifetime.

If someone is already losing the social security number, there is always that chance that your credit rating will suffer. This means that you may not be having the loan that you are expecting. In these instances, you want to record and document how the credit rating drastically changed. You should also monitor the income that is recorded in your social security number. Of course, make sure that you call the bank to notify them that you’ve been victimized by identity theft.

Getting a new SSN?

Getting a new SSN is possible. There are times wherein the social security agency has no other choice but to change your SSN. These are instances when you are actually in danger when you are using the original number. If you can prove that someone is already using the original SSN, this request can be granted. However, there are repercussions that you have to be aware of. You will have to start everything from scratch all over again. This simply means that you don’t get your current credit rating after a few years.