A social security number is unique to each individual that has it. It is only given to people who are US citizens and those who are allowed to work legally in the US. Social security name change is becoming common in the US. However, this doesn’t mean that you are going to start from scratch again. You will simply need to prepare the documents and you can expect the results in a few days.

Just how important is your social security card?

Your social security card is important because it contains the social security number. In the US, it has many functions. The social security card is considered by many in the US as the most important identification card. It can even be considered by some as the unofficial “national ID” even if the US doesn’t have one.

The social security number will have your lifetime income. This makes it easy to determine the amount of tax that you are supposed to pay and make it easier to evaluate your credit rating. The social security number is a necessity if you are going to have a job and if you are going to open a bank account and credit card.

The social security card when getting a replacement should be destroyed. This means that you should never expose the social security number to anyone except yourself. There are incidences when people are careless how they dispose of the social security card after getting a replacement.

In fact, identity theft occurs more common than you think. You don’t need to be a victim of a phishing scam in order to have your identity stolen. It can be a paper that ended in the trash that contained your social security number.

What you can do is to always be careful and not bring the social security card anywhere you go. In fact, it is better to just hide it somewhere safe and just have it when it is really a necessity to use it.

What are instances that you need a name change?

There are many scenarios wherein you will need to change your name. And in these scenarios, make sure that you will also go to the social security agency office to have everything filled out. For one, there are those women who just got married. If you got married and you are going to adopt the name of your husband, you will simply need to have the marriage certificate.

However, not everyone that requests for a name change experienced a happy life changing experience. There are also those that had a divorce which is why they are already requesting a social security card name change.

Request for name change is also common among naturalized individuals in the US. This means that you will be given the opportunity to choose your name. In these cases, you will have to show the court order and other documents that will prove that you are no longer called by your old name.

The entire process is actually simple to follow. However, you will still need to protect the social security either way.