The loss of your Social Security card should not cause you any type of stress. It is one of the easiest things to replace. It is very common for people to lose them because they are small, and they may also have their wallet or purse stolen. If this occurs, you must take a trip to the local Social Security company that is closest to your current location. You can get them to provide you with a duplicate, but you must first fill out paperwork that they will provide you with at that facility.

How To Quickly Fill Out This Paperwork

Filling out this paperwork will only take you a few minutes. If you have the help of those that are out the facility, it will go even faster. You do need to make sure that you are bringing your passport with you, or your drivers license, so they can verify that you are who you say you are. This will then be sent into the Social Security department that actually processes duplicates. They will take about two weeks to complete everything, and then send it to you, which is a reasonable amount of time.

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Other Reasons You May Want to Replace Your Social Security Card

Other reasons to consider replacing this is because you are changing your name. If you have recently gotten married, it’s something that you will need to do. There are other reasons as well, and the process is going to be the same. Take your trip to the closest for replacement Social Security card in office, bring your information, and they will provide you with exactly what you need to get your Social Security card. The sooner that you are able to spend the time to drive there, the fast replacement social security card same day online you will receive your new SS card in the mail from the Social Security department.