Getting a new social security card? Getting a new one is a simple thing. All you need to do is to know your social security number. Next, you will need to look online to know exactly which documents you will need to present to the social security agency.

Of course, there are some complications when it comes to getting a new social security card. First, keep in mind that you will not be getting a replacement for free forever. You are only allowed to have a free replacement 10 times in a lifetime, and 3 in one year. Though it is enough leeway given by the agency, it is also a way to prevent people from losing their social security card.

If you are getting a replacement because you’ve lost your social security card, then it can turn into a very tricky situation. One, there could be someone out there who is already using your social security number. A lot of people would like to have their own socials security number in order to open a bank account and to have a credit card.

In some instances, social security numbers being used by other people are typically from deceased individuals. This has been a trend in the US and authorities are really struggling on how to solve it.

How to protect your social security number?

It is important that you know exactly how to protect the social security number from being stolen. One, you have to know just when you are going to use the social security card. It is only being used if you are going to have a new job. In fact, you are not going to need to bring the social security card early on when you apply. A social security card is only needed in the latter phases of the recruitment process. That’s when they will have to inspect for your eligibility to actually work.

Next, you will need your social security card in order to open a bank account. Other than these scenarios that we have mentioned, you shouldn’t be carrying your social security card with you the entire time.

You shouldn’t show your social security card in case someone asks for an identification card. Instead, just show them your driver’s license instead.

Worst case scenario

If someone is already using your social security number, you will have to report this incident to the authorities. In fact, you should do your part and monitor what is happening. There will be red flags that you should be aware in order to figure out that someone is using your social security number.

If you notice questionable payments made on your bank account or if you are suddenly going to pay for items that you haven’t purchased, this could mean that someone gained access not only to your social security number but also your bank account.

You should also start getting a credit report. This way, you will be able to know if there are drastic changes in your credit score. There are instances when people suddenly get denied of a loan when they shouldn’t.