Finding a merchant service provider takes work. All business owners need to select the best processor for their credit and debit card payments. Not every processor charges the same fees or has the same terms so business owners have to review each merchant services terms carefully.

If you are the owner of a high-risk business, the work of finding a processor is even harder. That is because there are fewer processors that will take high-risk clients. If they do, the terms are often more complex, and the rates for taking payments are higher. This is why you need to know what to look for when choosing a high-risk payment gateway service.

Always be certain to deal with legitimate, ethical processors. Not every company out there is ethical especially when they know they are attracting high-risk companies such as those that operate adult-oriented websites, gambling websites, antique businesses and airline ticket businesses.

Payment Process

If you are unsure if your business is high risk, research all you can to find out. There are some businesses like bankruptcy law firms that are considered to be in this category. You might assume your company is not considered one only to find out it is. If so, you need to research gateways that cater to you.

Read the contract for service before you sign on. Are there any termination fees? How much are incidental charges? Will you be billed extra for international transactions? Find out if you will be billed for a reserve sum.

Most industries that tend to get a high number of chargebacks are considered high-risk gateways. There is not much you can do about this. Find a company that specializes in your industry. For example, if you operate an offshore business, find a merchant service that has existing clients like you. Contact other companies and ask who they work with for payment processing.

Process Credit Cards

This is a good way to find out how well they like the processor. It may also save you time and stress because you can avoid applying to a merchant gateway that does not accept your type of business in the first place.

If you research high-risk gateways online, you will find that there are companies like Soar Payments that have served businesses like yours for years. They provide a listing of the types of companies that they work with. You might be surprised to find out that your company is not high risk. If so, you have many more low-cost options for taking credit card payments.

Understand that while you will pay more to process credit cards, you do not have to be charged a ridiculous amount of money for each transaction. Find out what the processing and deposit time frames are. You should not have to wait long to get paid.

You have a right to find a good processor that charges reasonable fees. When you know more about the gateways serving businesses like yours you are more likely to find a company that will serve your needs well. To know more contact us or visit the website at